Home Trend Predictions for 2022

At Nebozuk’s we pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of home beautiful styling, so here are some of the most hotly debated home design trends for 2022.

The end of open floor plans

Some design experts have suggested that open floor plans just aren’t on-trend anymore. Perhaps the pandemic has decreased demand for open spaces? Have you ever tried to make a work Zoom call with a toddler? After being locked at home, where we work, live and rest, designers are now starting to see a shift back to traditionally separated rooms. 


Our individual personalities are big, complex and colorful. So when you put all of these ingredients together in a home, the end result is ‘maximalism’. In a world of bland neutrals and minimalism, people are hungry for spice and character. Maximalism is all about telling the story of your life through your home. More color, more texture, more lighting and more unique pieces.

Goodbye to bright, light kitchens

In recent years, a light-hued palette has generally been the obvious choice for a kitchen space. However, there is increasing demand for more drama in this central and essential living space. Neutral tones are now being seen as too safe and too bland. Making a comeback are rich, deep tones that serve as a sultry background for brightly-colored decorative items like fruit bowls and faux plants.

Dual-purpose rooms

Post pandemic, a dual-purpose room really is any room where you can introduce office elements while you’re working from home. Here, smart furniture choices are key. Like having a dining table that can also function as an open workspace. Breaking free of that ‘traditional’ floor plan mentality is essential here. For example, maybe your couch shouldn’t be against the wall. Perhaps there should be a desk behind it?

Leather furniture

We had more babies during the pandemic than ever before, and nothing is easier to wipe down than a beautiful leather couch. Messy kids will also add value to your furniture by giving the leather a beautifully-worn, aged patina. Leather also brings warmth and texture – two elements that any space will benefit from.