Philip Batch Furniture


In 1868, Philip Batch’s great-great-grandfather was the first of his ancestors to make and sell furniture in Ballarat. Since then, a love of fine furniture has become a family tradition, passed on from father to son, over five generations. Now, with over 49 years in the industry, Philip Batch is continuing to honour that tradition with Philip Batch Furniture.

Moran Furniture

Moran Furniture has been handcrafting the finest bespoke upholstered furniture since 1950. Each Moran sofa and chair is individually made to order using best practice crafts that many other manufacturers have replaced with mass production. Moran puts the finest materials to work using the highest standard of craftsmanship. This is the guarantee of your investment in Moran.

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It takes a true artisan to lovingly craft the comfort and beauty found in every piece of Moran furniture. 

Owning bespoke handcrafted furniture continues to be a sought after trend in Ballarat because there is no comparison between mass-produced and handcrafted furniture. 

For decades Moran Furniture has been welcomed into Australian homes. In fact, many families say their Moran furniture has retained its quality for so long, it’s now part of the family; being handed down from generation to generation. 

The specialised traditional techniques used to build Moran Furniture have been entrusted to a select number of artisans embracing Moran’s best-practice standards.

Choosing handmade furniture from Moran Furniture ensures the continuation of quality craftsmanship; a family trade also held by the Batch family of furniture makers.

Moran 5 Points of difference

1. Genuine 8 Way Hand Tied Springs

The finest and most comfortable seat has a genuine 8-way hand-tied hourglass spring system. This traditional method is the only way to give truly independent suspension for every person, no matter their shape, size or weight.

2. Spring Cell Seat Cushions

Moran cushions are almost a sofa in themselves. They begin with tempered steel springs which, to avoid squeaking, are individually placed in calico pockets. These are then carefully positioned in the highest grade, resilient foams. All this is then carefully covered in premium quality bonded fibre before being upholstered in your choice of fabric or leather.

3. Body Correct Lumbar Support

This ergonomically designed system ensures long-term relaxation. It is specifically design to support your lower back. This is aided by Moran’s sprung edge which provides vital support behind your knees to help protect the sciatic nerves. It means you don’t have to wriggle around to get comfortable.

4. Kiln Dried, Close Grain Hardwood Timber

Moran’s underlying quality begins with a structural engineered frame. To ensure a precise fit in the joinery, the cutting of this close-grain, kiln dried hardwood foundation is computer controlled. It is then glued, double dowelled, screwed and corner blocked to ensure it won’t bend or twist in years to come.

5. Premium Leathers & Fabrics

All Moran upholstery coverings are carefully selected for their high durability and are wear tested to ensure they withstand the pressures and spills of modern Australian living, domestic or commercial. Where leather is used, it is always 100% leather.

Philip Batch Furniture is in no way associated with Batch’s Furniture currently trading in Wendouree.