5 reasons why timber is a smart flooring choice

Today, one of the most popular flooring choices in Victoria is hardwood. Whether that’s original hardwood flooring for some of our wonderful heritage-listed homes, or engineered timber flooring for new homes. That’s because timber remains a timeless choice that only gets better with age.

Here are our top 5 reasons you should consider timber for your next flooring upgrade, renovation or new build.

1. Timber lasts

A well cared for hardwood floor will last a lifetime. So while there may be cheaper options in the short-term, timber will definitely outlast the competition making it more price competitive in the long run.

2. Timber is unique

Because every tree is different, each plank will have a unique colour and grain which means no two floorboards will ever be the same. Some fantastic species to consider are Oak, Ash, Jarrah, Spotted Gum, Blackbutt and Bamboo.

3. Timber adds value

A timber floor is held in high repute and will instantly add value to your home due to it’s timeless style and quality.

4. Timber is sustainable

Our timber floors are sourced from carefully managed Australian forests. And the carbon produced from manufacturing the floorboards is actually less than is emitted by other materials such as concrete and ceramic tiles.

5. Timber is easy to clean

Hardwood is easier to keep clean than you think. A quick sweep will pick up most of the dirt and a damp mop once a month is all that’s required.


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