Which Types of Flooring Add Value to Your Home?

The right flooring in your home or investment property can make a huge difference in the way it looks and feels, but can it also add value to the property? 

Solid Wood

Solid and engineered wood flooring tends to add the most value to a home. Wood floors are a popular choice because they are beautiful, timeless and easy to maintain. If you want to add value with a touch of luxury, make sure the floor matches the style and decor of the home.

Luxury vinyl flooring

Vinyl was once considered an undesirable flooring choice. However, new luxury vinyl flooring has made it an extremely popular choice.

Luxury vinyl flooring is available in a huge range of designs and is not only more affordable than real wood, but easy to maintain, easy to install and extremely hard-wearing. 

Does it add more value to your home? Perhaps not as much as solid or engineered wood, but in today’s homes, with pets and small children, the practicality of vinyl offers value in other ways.

Laminate flooring

After luxury vinyl, laminate is often seen as the next best thing. Laminate is highly scratch-resistant, easy to maintain and in some brands, waterproof, so it can be installed in bathrooms and other wet areas. Again, laminate may not add as much monetary value but has practical value in spades.


Today, most homeowners generally prefer wood, or at least a wood effect flooring throughout the home however, carpet still retains the top spot for adding value in the bedrooms and even stairs because of the soft, comfortable feel underfoot.


Ultimately, the value a floor type has depends on where you have it. For example, if you install a solid wood floor in the lounge, a luxurious carpet in the bedroom, a waterproof laminate in the bathroom and a luxury vinyl floor in the kitchen, it’s going to give the home a high-quality design look and feel.