Winter Wool

While synthetic fibre carpets offer many benefits, 100% pure, natural wool remains the preferred choice for many Australian’s due to it being beautifully tactile, highly insulative and extremely durable.

Premium durability

Wool is naturally very strong, making it highly resilient to crushing and flattening, and longer lasting than synthetic alternatives.

Luxurious comfort

Wool’s opaque natural fibres are extremely soft to the touch and add warmth and luxury to any living space.

Naturally fire resistant

Wool is naturally flame resistant. It will not burn or melt, making it an extremely safe option for any home.

Excellent thermal qualities

Wool is a natural insulator that keeps your home warm in winter and cool in summer. 

A designer’s delight

Wool carpet is often an interior designer’s flooring of choice because it offers almost limitless colours, tones and textures.